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Re: STID "tracking" for $85-90 million opening [U.S. box office]

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The China numbers are about $57 million. If you take that away from the $221 mil that the movie has made overseas and then compare that to the adjusted domestic number for ST09, you get this:

ST09: ~139 mil
STID: ~164 mil

It's an improvement, but without China (and I think there's still Japan and maybe one other country to go for STID, so that number will increase), it's only about $25 mil over the ST09 movie if we're trying to be as fair as possible in the comparisons we can make.

What kind of half baked analysis is this one?

Why do you only take China out?

Did you even bother to measure the increases or decreases on different markets/regions/continents?

Nope, you didn't.

The whole point of the international promotion of this movie was to get better results throughout the world.

Europe - the movie grew a bit over it's predecesor - Which was to be expected, after all Star Trek had some coverage over there.

Asia - Greatest gains all over, the movie more than doubled it's revenue.

Latin America - It generally doubled it's performance (excluding Mexico), we must wait for VENEZUELA, Argentina and Chile.

Africa - Overall improvement

Middle East - Improvement

USA/Canada - The movie has made around 30 million less than ST09 <- THIS is what needs to be checked upon. If the movie would have done just as well as it did last time, we would be over the 500 mill when everything is said and done.

Well why don't we just show it right here:

*Please remember that the movie is still running in certain countries and that of course China will be 1044 times bigger than Lebannon.

By Country:
China 665%
United Kingdom 111%
Germany 160%
Australia 118%
South Korea 201%
Russia - CIS 255%
Mexico 198%
France 95%
Brazil 263%
Malaysia 290%
Italy 89%
New Zealand 145%
Singapore 201%
Indonesia 223%
Hong Kong 170%
Austria 144%
Netherlands 121%
Thailand 180%
Sweden 141%
Philippines 179%
Spain 33%
Norway 115%
United Arab Emirates 331%
Ukraine 254%
Belgium 91%
Peru 194%
Turkey 153%
Poland 176%
Colombia 236%
Czech Republic
Hungary 170%
Finland 97%
South Africa (Entire Region) 137%
Ecuador 391%
Portugal 80%
Croatia 183%
Israel 94%
Bulgaria 266%
Iceland 174%
Bolivia 487%
Egypt 281%
Slovenia 109%
Serbia & Montenegro 168%
East Africa 236%
Lebanon 336%
It's all about canon being violated! ;-)

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