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Interesting interviews, although I'd dispute the wording that says Goodwin was 'fired' after the first pilot. It is interesting to read her claim that Roddenberry kept her on the hook with the promise of a return until two weeks before shooting on the second pilot. I'm not sure if that washes with the characters in Sam Peeples' first draft of the script, but it would be characteristic of Roddenberry not wanting to give the bad news.

EDIT: Peeple's first draft, dated May 25, 1965, has Yeoman Smith in it. Nimoy's new contract (for the second pilot and series) is dated June 2, 1965. I haven't seen Dromm's contract (although UCLA has it), but a safe bet suggests she signed it around the same time Nimoy signed his. Filming on the second pilot, by the way, began on July 19, 1965. If Roddenberry told Goodwin she was going to be in the second pilot until just two weeks before it was filmed, he wasn't being honest.
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