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Re: Did Klingon culture become too stereotyped by the end of DS9?

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^ Remember when Shinzon gripped Donatra's wrist and she squirmed uncomfortably in his grasp. I have no problems with Romulans being = to Vulcans in strength. However the team before Abrams did a poor job demonstrating it.
Maybe Vulcan/Romulan women didn't have the same large strength that the men did. Did T'Pol ever show Vulcan strength? There were probably times when it would have been useful.

Or it could be that the Vulcans have a similar sexual dimorphism as humans do, in terms of muscle and strength. The females would be 3 times as strong as human females of a similar build...but Donatra doesn't look particularly buff, especially compared to Shinzon.

Wasn't there some notion that because Romulans live on a different planet instead of Vulcan and after the 200,000 year they eventually lost the enhanced strength?
I like to think that, at least at one point, the Romulans and Remans interbred. That would explain why Romulans have ridges, and the Remans look like Romulan Goblins
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