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Re: George Lucas: Star Wars stood on the shoulders of Star Trek

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Lucas is a good director and writer as long as he doesn't write the romantic dialogues between Spock or Uhura, we should be fine.
Lucas is primarily a producer who started out as an editor. He has surprisingly little experience as a feature film director -- THX-1138, American Grafitti, and four Star Wars films, a mere six movies in a 48-year career, plus a variety of shorts and documentaries early in his career. Every other major film he's been involved with has been directed by someone else. As a director, his skills are primarily visual and tonal; he has very little proclivity for writing dialogue or directing performances. Most of his writing credits are story credits for productions that others wrote the screenplays for.

Back on topic, his statements in Trek Nation are not really big news, since the documentary came out two years ago. I'm surprised it took this long to get onto DVD. But it was gracious of Lucas to acknowledge the importance of Star Trek to his own work. There would've been no Wars without Trek paving the way.
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