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Re: NFL 2013 Off-Season Discussion

Basically. And trying to hide behind the salary cap issue when he's a minimum salary guy seems pretty silly as well, as the Pats aren't in cap trouble, so can afford to wait if that's the worst of it...

As for the 'high profile' part, Hernandez is obviously in a separate stratosphere on that one. Dennard is only 'high profile' because of the recent Hernandez thing. Without that, it would have gotten a quick mention and then just dropped.

As for the Colts, plenty of examples, but tough to find a good high profile player to mention. Dominic Rhodes looks like the best one: Domestic Abuse in 2002 (not cut by team). Drunk Driving arrest in 2007 (not cut by team, despite per Tighr's insistance that teams should do so for these risky repeat offenders). Plenty of more recent examples, but no particularly high profile players involved. None of them were cut, however.

NFL has a problem in general with players getting arrested, far above the stats for other sports leagues. The ~40 arrests since the Superbowl are a pretty bad statistic, and something that needs to be addressed. Maybe they need to start putting a low (not zero) tolerance clause in the contracts, with a screw up and you're out clause, including forfeiting a massive chunk of your money or something? Not going to be taken more seriously unless there's some sort of big penalty, and someone high profile takes the hit...
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