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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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I'm using C:SV on my Fleet Armitage to attack multiple targets too, so dps figures in ISE shouldn't differ that much. But they do. My latest figures are 13k for Recluse (sci), 10k for Galor (eng), 8k for Fleet Armitage (tac), 7k for Temporal Destroyer (sci).

Also, I have been doing the same foundry mission on all my ships to farm ec and I am seeing a similar dps rate in terms of time needed to destroy a single Negh'Var. The Recluse and Galor are both than my Fleet Armitage with DHCs and Turrets.
What consoles/boffs/weapons are you using to get the good dps without cannons? I doubt I could put together a ship as well as you can (at the very least, I'm not willing to spend the ec/dil to get awesome stuff), but being able to hold my own/not be a drain on the team with my non-escorts would please me something fierce.

Also, which particular foundry mission do you use for ec farming? There's a bunch, and I don't know which one to pic.
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