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Re: POLL: Babylon 5 or Stargate SG-1?

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Really? Noted.
So that's a prequel film made during, after the B5 series concluded I take it?
Nah, The Gathering is the actual Pilot, and was aired a full year before Season 1.

There is an awesome Prequel, called In The Beginning. It was aired around the end of S4. I personally wouldn't advise viewing it prior to the end of S4, on your first run through the Series (Spoilers and exposes you to some of the most awesome the show becomes, too early, IMHO), but, on a second run through, it is great to watch it first, then The Pilot, Then S1-S5. Many think it's fine to watch it first, and even JMS says it's fine to view first, but, I advise against it.

B5 is my all time favorite show, but, I like SG-1 quite a bit too.
So The Gathering is hopefully included on the S1 set. I'll have to check, if not I'll have to locate a copy when the time comes.
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