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Re: NFL 2013 Off-Season Discussion

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Surely I can go back through this thread and see you advocating for cutting those guys for both conduct and cap reasons, right?

Your location just says California, which team do you follow?

Anyway, just curious as to why you're so up in arms on this one, and so worried about the 450k difference in salary cap on a team that doesn't have cap issues...
I'm from Indiana, and I am a Colts fan.

You probably could find examples of me advocating that assholes get cut from the NFL. It's an entertainment league, and I'm not entertained by assholes. Jamarcus Russel. Dez Bryant. Justin Blackmon. Dante Stallworth. I'm an Alabama fan on the college side (went to middle school/high school there), and I'll even say that Rolondo McClain was an idiot and deserved what he got.

On the flipside, you could probably also find examples of me advocating for the reinstatement of Michael Vick, because he did his time and has been rehabilitated and released.

It's not my fault the Pats have had the two most recent high profile incidents. I even brought up in my previous post about the Broncos executives (two of them! and I like the Broncos!) arrested for DUI, yet apparently you feel that I primarily only attack the Patriots.

Admittedly, I do hate the Patriots and wish all the ill-will in the world towards them.

I'm not "up in arms", in fact you're the one acting so emotional on this issue. Honestly, I'm bored arguing with you on this so I'll let you fly off the hook against me one more time and I won't reply.
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