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Re: NFL 2013 Off-Season Discussion

Rough count, but there were something like 14 arrests for either DUI or drug possession in the NFL since the Superbowl, only a couple of those led to player being cut, and usually because the player sucked and was already on the bubble anyway. So this was hardly an aggregious or shocking event (unlike a murder arrest) which forces a quick and hasty decision.

Hell, of the 35-40 arrests since the Superbowl (sadly, only the 5 months or so), the rest were on weapons charges or assault/violence related issues. Surely I can go back through this thread and see you advocating for cutting those guys for both conduct and cap reasons, right? Why so drilled-in on the Pats players?

Your location just says California, which team do you follow? We could talk about the 49ers' Ahmad Brooks assaulting a teammate with a beer bottle (THAT would be a big cap hit, and is a move obvious on-field issue), or could talk about Al Netter, the practice squad player who got popped for DUI and is still on the roster fighting for a spot.

Still conflicting reports about whether the Chargers' Ryan Mathews was involved in a recent bar fight. No good recent examples, but Vincent Jackson got a big DUI case a couple years ago and got less than a slap on the wrist.

Could go in-depth on the Raiders, but we all know their deal. As an easy example, though Darrius Heyward-Bey got a DUI last year, nothing done there.

Anyway, just curious as to why you're so up in arms on this one, and so worried about the 450k difference in salary cap on a team that doesn't have cap issues...
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