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Re: Better if they had allowed main cast to die?

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Citations Needed.
No one seems to tear into "Shades of Grey" or "Spock's Brain" as badly as VOY is trashed.
I don't think it's valid to compare an opinion of a show overall to an opinion of an individual episode. Last time I checked, nobody ever credibly claimed that every episode of Voyager sucked, and it's my experience that opinions of "The Void" and "Living Witness" were good at the time and continue to be good despite a couple of nitpitcks of arguable severity; I feel you haven't provided evidence to refute that.

Last time I checked the consensus was that "Spock's Brain" was so bad it's funny whereas "Shades of Gray" is simply bad-awful. I've seen both get trashed quite regularly here, but I'd also point out that there's little sport, for those looking for it, in trashing an episode considered universally bad. Why trash something nobody will debate you about when you can trash something that will generate some discussion instead?
It was the best of Trek, it was the worst of Trek...
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