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Re: NFL 2013 Off-Season Discussion

I understand how the contract works, but since his entire salary is only like $500k/year, it's pretty firmly in the "who gives a shit" range for whether you have to take the salary cap hit. Since it would fall under 'detrimental conduct' policy anyway, you'd likely recover a little of that, plus not have to pay him going forward if you cut him, so the financial concern is really bupkis. If he was a $10 Mil/year player, you'd have a point. Since he's playing on a 4 year, $2 mil (total) contract, who cares?

Not in the top 5 reasons why you'd cut or keep him. He was a 7th round pick, and is being paid like one. Pats aren't up against the cap anyway.

Want to argue morality, or 'sending a message' or whatnot, you can at least discuss it. Want to argue the money, it just comes across as weak. May as well just rest your laurels on "I hate the Pats, so if it means they lose a useful player, they should do it immediately!" and stop trying to couch it in arguments that don't work...
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