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Re: You think AIDS will be cured and why is HIV/AIDS so high in the US

bigdaddy wrote: View Post
Will there be a cure? No way. Companies make a ton of money selling you pills to keep you barely alive, with a cure that goes away.
Nonsense. If everyone's just selling crappy treatments, the company that develops an actual cure will make a killing. The market works, as far as stuff like that goes. (I would argue that people who need it should be able to get it regardless of ability to pay, though, and if that means subsidies and such, so be it.)

I think the problem in the USA is the health care and educational systems are stuck in the 1800s. health care is a joke, and AIDS and HIV is taught in health class in high school SOMETIMES. We can't teach sexual health to teenaged! That will mean they will go out and try it!!! Idiots.
This much is accurate, at least. There is simply too much unprotected sex in the US, and sex education here is quite poor. We also don't have enough (for instance) needle exchange programs. Some would rather we punish people for their "immoral" behavior than make any effort at mitigating the damage.
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