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Re: Random Thoughts After a TOS Marathon

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(2) Compared to the "big three" of the television show (Kirk, Spock, McCoy), the big four of the movies (Kirk, Spock, McCoy, and Uhura) just doesn't work for me.
Same here.

I grew up watching TNG and saw everything made after that plus all the movies. After the reboot, I went back to watch TOS and TOS' "big three" did interact with each other (IMO) better. NuTrek looses the friendship between Kirk and Bones, the respect between Bones and Spock (by the end at least), and TOS' Kirk appreciates and implements Spock plans at times while nuTrek feels like they're two separate leaders.
I agree with that.

Although I suppose it's fair to point out that the TOS relationships had time to develop, while the reboot characters have had only two movies.
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