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Re: Phase II Enterprise Study Model

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But this sort of detail isn't surprising when you consider that Jefferies had the bottom of the saucer go from flat, to curving upwards, and then curving into a bowl shape that bulges from the bottom of the saucer section.
The surprising aspect of all this was that Jefferies was doing all this in his spare time while working as art director for Little House on the Prairie. Many of the plans of the Phase II Enterprise were drawn in his hotel room in the evenings while working on location. And the attention to detail isn't just surprising when looking at this work in the context of the Phase II production (and his lack of a solid connection to it), what makes the work he did so interesting (to me) is that it acts as a Rosetta Stone to how he viewed the Enterprise during TOS.

I've pretty much finished the designing of the decals I'll be using on this model. Hopefully I'll be able to sent those off for printing in the near future.

The lettering is a trace of the original TOS decal sheet because it was also used on the 33 inch model which was available as a reference during Phase II (and wasn't lost until it was loan to Robert Abel and Associates during TMP).

Another cool (at least to me) aspect about this study model is that it is 1/500 scale (Jefferies' Phase II Enterprise was to be about 950 feet long), making it the same scale as my last 33 inch TOS Enterprise model. So it is quite interesting to have them sitting next to each other.
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