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Re: Why The Hate For Superman Returns?

The thing that I find intriguing about both films is that they represented extremes that if handled correctly would've made for a kick ass masterpiece. SR was at times too ponderous and thoughtful. But if you would've jettisoned the stuff that didn't work and added MOS elements that worked that filmed might've been received better.

The same idea applies to MOS, it had some quiet reflective moments, esp. in the first half. But like many here I agree the action was too much, it was an overreaction to SR's lack of action. Anyway, if they would've cut back on all the punching and had more quieter moments like SR, more people would've been satisfied.

Oh, BTW, utilizing John Williams' theme at some point wouldn't have alienated so many fans of the original films. At least SR got the score right.
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