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Re: Anybody else dislikes Genghis Khan from Savage Curtain

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He built the largest, most enduring land-based empire the pre-industrial world ever saw.
Large, yes, but it splinterred into smaller states fairly quickly.
But those smaller states endured for centuries and preserved a lot of what the Mongol Empire had initiated. Collectively, they certainly lasted longer than most of the remnants of Alexander's empire.

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"Team Evil" isn't really a Team Evil as long as Hitler and Khan aren't invited. :P
Heck, it's ethnocentric to classify Genghis as "evil" in the first place. Basically the only difference between him and Alexander the Great is that Genghis was far more successful. They were both equally ruthless to their enemies and equally benevolent and tolerant toward those who accepted their rule. Genghis united his own people's warring factions and made peace among them. Like most great rulers from history, he has both good and evil in his ledger.

As for Khan Noonien Singh, we already know from "Space Seed" that Kirk didn't consider him to be unambiguously evil. Kirk called him "the best of the tyrants and the most dangerous," and Scott and McCoy pointed out that he committed no massacres and launched no wars unless he was attacked.

Although, granted, this episode could've been an effective way to bring back Ricardo Montalban for a second guest appearance, if there had been enough continuity in the production staff from the first to the third season for anyone to think of it. It could've been interesting to see him in place of Col. Green here. Maybe with Green bumped down to the henchman role in place of their so-called "Genghis."
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