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Re: Changing the status quo - Good or Bad?

Well, TrekLit did have its share of plot-hole-spackling (Lost Era, to some extent Christopher's Rise of the Federation, etc). Those were all great stories in their own right, and Trek I think did a better job at using strange apparent contradictions in canon to lead to good stories rather than just creating stories for the sole purpose of fixing them, but at a certain level the motivation was pretty similar.

I agree with you about telling the same basic story over and over again, though. That's what ultimately drove me away. Philosophically, I simply disagree with how the Star Wars EU has developed; some things are cyclical in history, but the world also progresses. Star Wars, by this point, has painted a portrait of a universe in which, functionally, nothing has changed in 5,000 years except the durations of the spaces between the repeats of the same goddamn war.

And, like, just think of how many random innocent people the Skywalker family specifically has ended up causing to die. If I were the new galactic leader, whatever the title happens to be most recently, I'd strongly consider exiling or banning the Jedi myself. They're obviously far more trouble than they're worth! Great if they're on your side, but odds are at least one of them is going to go evil and destroy a few entire planets before the rest of them stop him/her. How is that worthwhile?

The universe just doesn't make sense anymore.
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