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Re: 2013 NBA Offseason Thread...

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When you retire, your salary doesn't come off the books in the NBA. There are exemptions, but there are people who retired five years ago who are still getting paid.
Yes. I was thinking of the salary cap when I wrote "off the books", meaning a retired player's salary doesn't count against the cap.
But it does count against the cap. The NBA has guaranteed money. That money still counts. The only real exceptions are if the team exercises their amnesty clause (provided they still have one, since they don't get it every year) or the player suffers a career ending injury (the Miami Heat had this advantage when Alonzo Mourning's salary came off the books, the team signed other players, and then Mourning made a comeback that allowed the team to restore his old salary).

See this link for more info: "Any money paid to a player is included in team salary, even if the player is no longer playing or has retired."

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I'm surprised he signed so quickly. I know big men are rare, but he refused to even visit teams to work out, so I thought people would be more cautious.
It looks like Cleveland is being cautious with how they've structured the contract. Only a quarter of the money is guaranteed. The rest comes into play only if Bynum meets a number of incentives in the contract, something I wouldn't bet much money on. He refused to work out for any of the teams he met with, and there's been no published news about what he's doing to get himself back into basketball shape.
Don't worry, you'll hear plenty of stories about how close he is to coming back and how much he's looking forward to playing Basketball. They might even be true.

I'm surprised Bynum actually signed a contract like this so quickly. IMO, it's the only contract a team should have signed with him, but he seemed to indicate that he had a higher value for himself.
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