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Re: Having a baby on Voyager?

I don't get why that is a Darth Vader Deal though I assume that means it is somehow bad which I also do not get.

I'm sure people don't have trouble using up their excess holotime if they get what they came for too quickly. There are holocouches for sleeping on and holosports for watching and probably holochips to eat.

They are so used to the holodeck in Star Trek times that they do totally boring things with it, like recreate old drawing room scenes and play wild west with trains. Oh we can go anywhere and do anything, lets be cowboys!! Bleh. I was going to say it's funny how they are all obsessed with the past but people are obsessed with the past today too. It's never been something I've gravitated towards. I just watched all of Downton Abbey which was mind numbingly stupid at times and reminded me of a lame holdeck program pretending to be that era. But now all the people who have been trying to get me to watch it for years can leave me alone.

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