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Re: NFL 2013 Off-Season Discussion

So they should make him unavailable immediately, just to avoid the chance that he might be unavailable in the future? Isn't that the definition of cutting off the nose to spite the face? He'd obviously be cut on the spot if he did it AGAIN later, so your scenario doesn't work anyway. In fact, but your logic, may as well cut Brady now, in case he gets hurt someday and isn't able to start a key game. Only way that makes sense is if you're the GM of another team...

Again, not saying he doesn't end up cut, just might as well have patience on this one and see where it goes. It's not like the other case, that they had to distance themselves from immediately. It's not like it's the beginning of the free agent period and there are other choices out there; everyone's pretty much on a team at this point. Since the replacement would come from what you already have anyway, don't see the rush to cut him. We'll see, just DUMB on his part. Never got the DWI arrests for the wealthy anyway; just get a driver/limo! Doesn't cost shit, and no arrests/accidents/loss of your job.
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