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Re: Having a baby on Voyager?

I learnt the hard way that sex isn't worth the time you put into getting sex.

You give your girlfriend a backrub and a foot rub, 1/2 an hour, longer, and then it's your turn, but instead of handing over a fairsfair back rub, she always pulls the same Darth Vader Deal changing bullshit... "Well I could give you a back rub or we could just have sex? It's completely up to you."

I just thought about the real perverts on Voyager...

Elaborate holographic sequences with situations and "celebrities" but all they do is Kiss.

If you book the holodeck for an hour, how the hell do you pace yourself?

And after all that self control, are you expected to just sit there for 55 minutes so no one thinks less of you?
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