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Re: The new Post Your Desktop thread

Haven't fiddled with my desktop in ages, but I fell in love with this wallpaper, and started changing my Rainmeter skins around, too. All the ones you see here are from a set called "Sea" (except for the one displaying album art from iTunes in the upper left, which is from "Enigma", but I just like having the art displayed!).

Might try some other Rainmeter skins at some point soon.

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There was a time when modern military aircraft pictures were all I used for wallpapers.

I had everything from Tornadoes and Ardvarks to A-4s and F-5s. F-16s and F-22s to Gripens and Rafales. And E-8s to Ospreys.

I have amassed a huge collection of photos over the years. Unfortunately, 98% of them are 1024, so they're not really useable any more.
I'm the same way, but with me it's starships. Though I've actually managed to find a good number that are larger than 1024.

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