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Re: Having a baby on Voyager?

Tuvok was able to get by with Holowife because he was older and had already experienced many pon farrs. He was able to compartmentalize and he knew what to expect. He could meditate effectively to sooth the need he had for telepathic connection and he could get all the physical stuff done separately, just like how a lot of people share a bedroom with someone who doesn't meet their friend needs.

I did admire Vorik for fooling the EMH by playing to his vanity

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But if Spock had focused more on his human half to be comfortable with casual conversation, he could have just said, "Jim, if I don't get laid soon, I'm gonna die!"
That's basically what he did say, eventually.

"Damnit Spock. God damnit!" Kirk ST:V
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Janeway does Melbourne
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