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Re: League of Extraordinary Gentlemen gets pilot order at Fox

^^ No, that will be set in contemporary New Orleans, although they do seem to be going for a retro atmosphere.

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I really hope this is done as a period piece. It will hardly be worth it otherwise.
I was thinking without Moore's writing or the movie's budget if it justified the effort. I believe Moore's later volumes were set in later time periods as well. I guess it would depend on whether the showrunners were interested and invested in that setting.
Yeah, he moved forward in time with each volume. One of the more recent ones took place in the 1960s and the 2000s.
But he uses different characters in different eras.

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Isn't PBS always showing low budget period piece shows? It doesn't seem that hard to do a show during that era.

Whether that kind of show with will attract an audience is another matter entirely!
It probably wouldn't, unfortunately, but I like those period pieces.
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