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Re: Having a baby on Voyager?

How many female crewmen do you think Tom slept with, now how many female crewmen do he made out with, and then finally how many did he date?

Got those numbers in your head?

I'm not saying that the women on Voyager were easy, but they did have very low standards.

"Vulcans are Victorian".

From Date of birth you can extrapolate the onset of puberty, they you can track pon far from there to within a margin of plus of minus one year. Although if you have the right super cool futuristic medical tools, I'm assuming that Pon Far leaves the sort of physical damage on a person as might a stroke or a cardiac event would cause which again can be tracked and time stamped.

The Doctor is negligent.

New medical/security protocols should have been devised after this, and implemented fleet wide as soon as Voyager started using the Midas array to talk to Earth... Unless it was "cheaper" for Starfleet to pay off the odd rape victim than to make it safe for "everyone" when these happened almost never percentagewise.
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