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Re: Having a baby on Voyager?

Red Panda put it best that Sadara is right?

Vorik had had 7 years to sort this out, and then 2 years to re-sort this out since everything went upside down. Instead of asking every woman on the ship, hours after Caretaker, if they wouldn't mind, so he wouldn't die or kill some one, if it wouldn't be too much trouble, that they wouldn't mind, purely medicinally mind you, to step in at his hour of need... Instead of that AN OUNCE OF FORWARD PLANNING: Vorik balls up to B'Elanna after Pon far had already started and practically proposes marriage and happily ever after, and lets face it, if Pon Far doesn't involve impregnation, then you're doing it wrong (Yes gay Vulcans, I get it, shut up. Plus does Pon far continue after menopause and other infertility issues?). Just think about that for a second... B'Elanna and Vorik raising a kid together (no not romantically together.) after she gives birth in the beginning of season 3?

Vorik's child would be calling Tom "Daddy" and the child would be mostly raised human, the infant would essentially grow up to be a Romulan.

The interesting thing I thought from Bloodfever is that Holographic sex is a shitty half measure because Vulcan's being telepathic can easily tell the difference between something that thinks, feels or emotes and a bock of plastic. Although 5 years later Tuvok wrecks a holographic representation of his wife, then walks away from that encounter like a pimp completely relieved and back to normal.

The only reason that holowhores were not good enough (When if not now would it have not been the perfect Opportunity to see a clip from Jake and Nog's favourite cinematic masterpiece Vulcan Loveslave II THE REVENGE!??) is because rape feels better... Which is not my personal assessment, but just the lesson I feel that this episode is trying to teach me.

In a comic a while back, The Defenders By Giffen and McGuire, the Incredible Hulk was rioting, but then a clever supervillainess gave him a blow job, no not a dirty comic, just a regular comic from Marvel, you don't see anything, the story skipped five minutes, but when the panelling focussed back on the green Goliath, he's deflated into Banner. DEFLATED! Think about the BILLIONS which the US military had spent on tanks, death rays and giant hulkbusting robots to put this monster in his place and failed, when for just a cost of one 1998 Mitsubishi Sabaru a day, you could target him with several moderately priced yet oh so brave callgirls to DEFLATE the problem before he smashes anything that can't be unsmashed.

Or just castrate Banner?
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