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Re: Scotty and his military comment

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It hasn't EVOLVED at all. That was always one of Starfleet's roles. You're simply experiencing massive cognitive dissonance over the fact that non-military organizations can be asked to fill that roll if they are properly equipped; the only thing that stops them at present is 21st century legal conventions that have only been around for the past hundred years and even then are not universally followed.

It's like saying that "the organization that enforces speed limits" is by definition "traffic cops." If in a fictional state this role is being filled by armed mercenaries who turn in speeders for a handsome bounty, there's little call for the question "Then where are the traffic cops?"
So if Defense is always one of Starfleet's roles, it is a military organisation.
No, it's an exploration fleet with a defense role. As it was in the 22nd century and has been ever since.

It would be a military if defense was its primary role.
It is a military organization because it is a key role.

It is ALSO a space exploration and scientific organization, and a humanitarian organization.

So why does the primary role of exploration preclude it ALSO being military?
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