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Re: TOS Enterprise Interiors -- Unreal 3 Engine

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I was always under the impression that the big reflective chrome bar between the two inner stripes for Commodore and Admiral was silver colored, not gold.
Commodore Mendez: Gold

Commodore Stone: Gold

Commodore Decker: Silver

Commodore Stocker: Silver?

Commodore Wesley: Silver AND Gold??

Mendez and Stone's "reflective bar" int the middle appears to be certainly gold. Decker's appears to be certainly silver. Commodore Stocker is a toss-up IMHO (leaning silver), and Bob Wesley's appear to be both silver AND gold, alternating between the two screencaps I provided. (Wesley's stripes, however, most likely look that way due to the reflection of light on the bar, and not the color of the bar itself) Thoughts?

Also, we can see in these shots that Mendez, Stone, and Decker all have the "early version" which has stripes of a different decorative pattern than we're used to seeing on all the other rank stripes. Personally, I'm glad they reverted back to the regular stripes for the "later version", which is also apparent on the photo which Robert Comsol provided of Admiral Fitzpatrick a few posts back.

Here's a version with the silver bar if it helps us better visualize it: (also, remember that these rank stripes look a little too "inflated" now, but will appear more flat against the sleeve once I convert these to low-poly meshes)
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