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Re: STID "tracking" for $85-90 million opening [U.S. box office]

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I don't agree with it, I'm just putting it here, DON'T EAT ME.

"It’s a modest success for several reasons. First, it cost almost $190 million to make, and Paramount spent a considerable amount of money on advertising above and beyond the production cost (at least $50 million, by one estimate). Second, not all of that $443 million goes to Paramount – a significant percentage goes to the theaters that show the film (1/3rd to 1/2, depending on what is negotiated and how long the film runs). Finally, while it exceeded the International ticket sales of the first film, it did not have the 2X multiplier against domestic box office that other summer films (like Iron Man 3 or Fast and Furious 6) achieved."
The other thing that I find interesting is the way it looks when you take China out of the equation. ST09 didn't show in China, but STID did (maybe even in part because of ST09's ability to show potential overseas).

The China numbers are about $57 million. If you take that away from the $221 mil that the movie has made overseas and then compare that to the adjusted domestic number for ST09, you get this:

ST09: ~139 mil
STID: ~164 mil

It's an improvement, but without China (and I think there's still Japan and maybe one other country to go for STID, so that number will increase), it's only about $25 mil over the ST09 movie if we're trying to be as fair as possible in the comparisons we can make. I think they may have spent more than that on the additional marketing, so thank goodness for China!

I just find it interesting... Still, the main thing is that STID presumably did well enough for another movie. So, hopefully things work out well.
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