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Re: VOY Caption Contest 110; Iterative refinements

Neelix: It's perfect. This fruit looks really healthy and really disgusting.
Talli: You really like messing with your crew don't you?

Tuvok: You made yourself an apprentice to Leonardo Davinci?
Janeway: He's a brilliant inventor.
Tuvok: Whatever you say, Mary Sue.

Alien: Thank you for the offer of this manservant, but he's a little dull. I can't keep him around the house.


Doctor: Your hormone levels suggest physical attraction to multiple male members of the crew.
Seven: That's none of your business.
Doctor: May I suggest you practice on an artificial male? I'd be happy to volunteer.

Davinci: There's something that's been bugging me. In the 15th century, women should not be educated enough to help me build a flying machine. I should not accept you as an assistant.
Janeway: It's my fantasy, I can make you act however I want.
Davinci: ...So you only like me as part of some wish fulfillment thing of yours.
Janeway: Just shut up and be Davinci.
Davinci: Yes maam.
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