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Re: Why The Hate For Superman Returns?

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I hated the whole idea of the growing Kryptonian crystals....I think that Singer was running with a misinterpretation of how the Fortress was built in the Donner film and taking the flawed concept too far. In the Donner film, one specific crystal (distinguished by its color, which made it too easy to confuse with Kryptonite, but that's beside the point) built the Fortress out of surrounding ice....something that it was probably programmed specifically to do. There's no evidence that throwing a full-sized crystal in water is supposed to create a continent-sized land mass...and all of the other crystals in the Fortress would have themselves been created, not originals from Krypton, so you'd think they'd be inferior in that regard, not superior.
Granted... but on the other hand, it pretty much stands to reason that if a technology is all made from crystals, then by definition it was grown, and it's not a huge stretch that it could have the potential for further growth under the right circumstances. I wouldn't call it a misinterpretation so much as an updated interpretation, choosing to read the crystals as a kind of self-replicating nanotechnology. It's a logical extrapolation from there that they could have the ability to modify matter on a large scale.
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