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Sorry for the unexpected absence. It took them over a month to get my phone line fixed.

2:01 - Shockwave, Part II (2nd Season Opener)

TV Blurb: Archer tries to get back from the future, T'Pol babbles mindlessly, Hoshi drops in and surprises Malcolm. Written by Rick Berman & Brannon Braga. Directed by Allan Kroeker.

Starting immediately after the events of Part 1, this is a very fast paced episode with space battles, corridor firefights, and lots of scene cuttings as we jump between T'Pol and Enterprise trying to cope with Silik and his soldiers capturing the ship, Archer and Daniels trying to escape a timeline where the Federation never existed, and Admiral Forrest dealing with Ambassador Soval's usual crap.

The Archer-Daniels subplot made me remember the old tried and true formula of putting a character in a locked room, and having him try to get out. Daniels takes a tip from all those 1000 year old MacGyver reruns and manages to build a way to escape a 31st century that has no suitable technology. Or even other people apparently. The scenes during the walk through the destroyed city (San Francisco?) reminded of Logan's Run and its ruined Washington DC.

The episode does what it needs to do to wrap up the previous installment, and I didn't find it boring, but it's all pretty straightforward. Some of the characters get to do something a little different-- Malcolm gets beat up instead of the usual Archer, Hoshi crawls through a ventilation shaft (shades of Mission: Impossible), and T'Pol gets to sprawl on a bed in her undies. Well, that part of it isn't all that different, but she's delirious after an interrogation scene.

Of course the highlight of the episode, loved by so many on this board, is The Gazelle Speech® by Jonathan Archer. But the payoff with that speech is Soval's response to it, and maybe it's sometimes overlooked. Soval wants Starfleet to permanently recall Enterprise, then Archer gives his impassioned Gazelle Speech. And Gary Graham as Soval, with usual Vulcan verbosity, says to the effect, 'WTF does that have to do with what we're talking about?'

In the season's outtakes, Scott Bakula does a dead-on Woody Woodpecker impression in the final scene.

Next up: "Carbon Creek"
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