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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness out on Blu-ray/DVD September 10th

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I don't know, the whole thing made Abrams and his gang look like petulant five year olds. "I know a secret and I'm not telling."
I disagree. Sometimes part of being creative is that you don't want to spoil all of your surprises or that you just want everything to be fresh. That's not childish at all, it's just part of wanting to make an impactful presentation. Maybe the way they went about it was a little weird though.
Which is what I meant. It was bad enough when they kept the identity of Cumberbatch's role a secret for nearly a year teasing he was playing someone from canon and then announcing he was playing a character named John Harrison. Then it basically came to the point that they were telling everyone there was a twist in the movie involving the villain but they wouldn't say what the twist was. You want to keep a twist a secret? Don't tell people it's in the movie.

Now the way they should have handled it was to announce when Cumberbatch was cast that he was playing John Harrison and not give any hints about that name being an alias. You want to do this sort of thing correctly, look at Batman Begins. Liam Neeson was announced as playing Ducard. That satisfied people wanting information and place a spotlight on the character and therefore when he's revealed to be Ra's Al Ghul, it is unexpected. That is a twist.

Instead, with Cumberbatch cast but his character not announced, it led to months of speculation as to who he was playing. When asked in interviews, the Bad Robot gang hint it's someone we might be familiar with, drawing more attention and a bigger spotlight on the character. When fans were certain it was Khan, the announcement is made that he's John Harrison. Fans assume this to be an alias, and Bad Robot hints this maybe so. Essentially, when silence could have served the twist better they instead draw attention by saying "there's a twist but we're not telling you what it is." And that is childish. No other word to describe it.

By the time the revelation is made in the movie everyone is just like "well fucking duh." Really sloppy way to handle that. I hope next time they don't try to play this game at all.
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