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Re: The Library of Star Treks That Never Were - Book cover designs

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Fantastic! I'd love to see these linked to larger versions - they really look authentic

Thanks Ptrope! Both you and Arcas have done fantastic work as well! I could make them a bit larger, however I don't want to get too large as a certain overall effect is lost. Arcas has some brilliant covers, but I have to scroll to see the whole cover.

Any thoughts on that tech manual suggestion?
Actually, Arcas has done some cool tech manual-style illustrations of the Ranger-class:


And, inspired by his sterling example, I went for the human side of the manual:

Nice work guys!! Actually I had you in mind for the "human" part of the manual. It's like you were readin' my mind Ptrope!

And that tribble cover is one of the most awesome things in the history of awesome things! Brought a big smile to my face!
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