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Re: MAN OF STEEL - Grading & Discussion

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I was never that fond of the junkyard battle...too small-scale. The one person who ought to know that a stack of tires won't hold Superman.
The junkyard battle is great and had a ton of meaning. It represented what was going on in Superman's head after being affected by the artificial Kryptonite. Everything after the two of them separate to the very end was actually taking place inside his head, both personalities were fighting to see who would be the one in control.

Evil Superman was always the stronger fighter in the battle, but Clark was always in it and the point was that he was getting stronger the longer it went on. Yeah, the tire thing was a little lame but it was Clark finally trying to fight back. Clark always had his powers, it was the only reason he wasn't dead after every punch, but it took time for him to eventually unleash it. Also awesome acting from Reeve who was playing both Evil Superman and Clark!

If there were more scenes like the junkyard battle, than Superman III could have been much better.

The battles in Superman II were very good, but they were just physical battles, and they were brought down a bit by the flying effects.
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