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Re: Who Do You Think is Hotter? :D

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After watching most of ENT now, I think T'Pol is on the same hottness level as Seven of Nine from VOY. Just an observation! They definitely play up her sexiness during those "neuropressure" sessions with Trip. -_-

I'm wondering...who do you think is the better looking of these two Star Trek TV hotties?

Just curious what people think.

This is just for fun...I'm not shallow. :P
I love both.

How come you're not on the list?
You mean why didn't I include Janeway?

I wanted to see who people choose out of the two people who were clearly intended to be the stereotypical type of "hot". Because after watching a bunch of ENT I realized they started to sexualize T'Pol and made a little mental comparison between her and Seven. So I just started wondering which one people preferred I guess.

I mean, I figured if I included all Trek female characters, there would be waaay too many. That would be a huge poll!
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