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Re: Janeway's Decision to Kill Tuvix

This thread has gone on long enough. In the same bullshit way Tuvok and Neelix live on in the creepy-ass Tuvix, Tuvix creepy-ass memory lives on in Tuvok and Neelix.

I don't view Tuvix as a new, separate being; Tuvok and Neelix became one and then were split back into two. Tuvok and Neelix now both have memories of Tuvix time on the ship. Technically, they just happened to do the exact same things, at the same times, in the same place for those few days as far as they are both concerned. There is not 3 people involved, only 2.

I also can't believe some people on this forum are comparing ENT: Similitude to this episode...
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