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Re: Federation vs The Dominiom: The Rematch.

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"masturbatory" is a nice enough touch. Barely mediocre, though. You answered the question I posted earlier, though - your posts are getting boring.
As are yours. At least my posts are properly constructed. Yours look like they were written by a three-year-old.

Edit_XYZ wrote:
And - you truly cannot recognise a straw-man even after it was pointed out to you twice by me alone (as opposed to creating a straw-man by trying to blur the distinction between the dominion expeditionary force and the dominion proper)?
I made no such argument to begin with. What part of that do you not understand?

Edit_XYZ wrote:
It's not rocket science.
Fortunately for you. You can't even comprehend the English language.

"Many things seem clever to an imbecile." --Captain Thelin th'Valrass, USS Enterprise-- "The Chimes at Midnight"
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