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Re: Federation vs The Dominiom: The Rematch.

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Apparently, my last post was incomplete: You're hiding not only behind semantic irrelevancies/ad personams, but behind a gigantic superiority complex, as well.
Is that right? Well, what else am I doing? Tell me more, since you seem to understand me so well.

Edit_XY wrote:
Really, Sran, you don't even seem to realise one can actually read your past posts. After making such a glaring error, you really shouldn't be making comments about other posters' intelligence; that is, unless you actually want to create hilarity at your expense.
Except that I made no error. You only thought I did, which is an entirely different matter. But that's your problem.

Edit_XYZ wrote:
For example - in your recent posts, you only admitted the dominion was stronger when you ran out of places to hide; which was when you changed your mantra to ~'I wasn't really annoyed other posters kept saying the dominion is stronger; I merely had a problem with how one of the posters kept constructing his posts'.
I've already addressed this issue. That you're incapable of understanding isn't my responsibility to fix.

Edit_XYZ wrote:
And you, apparently, actually think this moving the goalposts you did is half-way credible - when embellished by your superiority complex and ad personams. Still remember what I told you about unintentional hilarity?
Well, whatever.
You might have a point if I actually did what you're accusing me of. But I digress...

"Many things seem clever to an imbecile." --Captain Thelin th'Valrass, USS Enterprise-- "The Chimes at Midnight"
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