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Re: Federation vs The Dominiom: The Rematch.

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Which makes the correct option: you, Sran, are clearly incapable of admitting you're wrong.
And this is where you're wrong, because I've admitted as much in the past. I'm not wrong in this instance because I never argued that the Federation possessed superior military capability compared to the Dominion. That you're incapable of recognizing my previous posts for what they is your failure, not mine. I don't have time to create remedial versions of my posts so that people like you can comprehend what's being discussed. That you managed to prove my earlier point about your poor sentence structure makes this even more entertaining for me.semantic irrelevancies/ad personams

For all of Timo's arrogance, he's clearly an intelligent man who presents his points well and is able to recognize both the obvious and the subtle points made by others. I've no problem debating with him in spite of how trying I find his condescending attitude.

I can't say the same for you, as you've repeatedly failed to grasp the points that I've made (and now clarified on multiple occasions) in previous posts, yet you believe you're entitled to tell me what I "really" meant merely because it helps you feel better about yourself. And you accuse me of hiding behind irrelevancies?
Apparently, my last post was incomplete: You're hiding not only behind semantic irrelevancies/ad personams, but behind a gigantic superiority complex, as well.

Really, Sran, you don't even seem to realise one can actually read your past posts. After making such a glaring error, you really shouldn't be making comments about other posters' intelligence; that is, unless you actually want to create hilarity at your expense.

For example - in your recent posts, you only admitted the dominion was stronger (as opposed to creating a straw-man by trying to blur the distinction between the dominion expeditionary force and the dominion proper) when you ran out of places to hide; which was when you changed your mantra to ~'I wasn't really annoyed other posters kept saying the dominion is stronger (and using a straw-man to support my point); I merely had a problem with how one of the posters kept constructing his posts'.
And you, apparently, actually think this moving the goalposts you did is half-way credible - when embellished by your superiority complex and ad personams. Still remember what I told you about unintentional hilarity?

PS - Well, whatever.
"Let truth and falsehood grapple ... Truth is strong" - John Milton

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