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VOY Caption Contest 110; Iterative refinements

As promised here is the next contest!

BirdInJetstream wrote: View Post

Tuvok: "Fascinating! I already tried 47 different algorithms to solve the problem. None of them were successful. How did you do it?"
Janeway: "See that little switch? I had Torres install it before your shift started. Press it 5 seconds, shut down, reboot..."
LeadHead wrote: View Post

Seven: Computations are complete, Captain. It is mathematically impossible that Ensign Kim will ever make Lieutenant.
JirinPanthosa wrote: View Post

TOM: You can never tell Sam that Naomi broke into my liquor stash.
SEVEN: Where are you taking her?
TOM: To sickbay. After the Doctor cures her hangover I need you to erase his memory of it.
SEVEN: I'm not sure you've thought all this through.
FFunctionalData wrote: View Post

Seven of 9: We are experiencing a malfunction in the Warp Core

B'Elanna: I have run every diagnostic and can not find the problem

Chakotay: Captain I believe if I go on a vision quest i can find out what is wrong let me get my..

Captain Janeway: Chakotay not every problem we encounter can be solved with a vision quest.
Triskelion wrote: View Post

Paris: How do you make a Bajoran stew?
Kims: I don't know?
Paris: Tell her the Occupation was a myth.
And the special award...

ncc71877 wrote: View Post

Seven: "With all respect to the Commander, I don't see how getting high and trying to talk to an imaginary goat will solve anything."

Congratulations to the winners: old-timers, newcomers and captioning veterans!

I was high on oven-cleaner when I picked these pictures...

Have fun!
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