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Re: British series approach?

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As others have said, a British shorter season won't necessarily work for a US show.
Worked for game of thrones

I see Game of Thrones used as a comparison quite a bit but didn't GOT peak at 5.4 million in their ratings while I believe STNG ratings were consistently TWICE that.

I mean wasn't the Star Trek finale the series' highest rated episode with something like a 17 rating?

If CBS was getting GOT ratings for a new Star Trek show it wouldn't get a second season. JMHO
1980s/1990s numbers are not the same as today. You can't compare the two. All ratings are down. Plus cable numbers are different from broadcast, and premium is different from cable. The point of 5.4m for GOT is that the numbers are huge for a premium cable show. And Walking Dead is huge for basic cable(approaching low end broadcast numbers).
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