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Re: Federation vs The Dominiom: The Rematch.

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So - you claim to post here in order to show not that another poster is wrong/right/tell your thoughts on the subject, but to show that a poster didn't use semantics to your liking? And you call my POV limited? Really?
Yes, because you're clearly incapable of grasping such a basic concept.

Edit_XYZ wrote:
Luckily for you, your previous posts contradict your latest claim:
And that's where you're wrong (again).

You've got to be kidding me. The Dominion lost the war with the Federation, yet they had no trouble beating them? Are you trying to be funny?
I said nothing in this statement about the Federation having superior military capabilities. What I did say that was AllStarEntprise's argument that the Dominion "kicked the Federation's teeth in" despite losing the war they were fighting is erroneous.

Edit_XYZ wrote:
Wrong. I'll grant that the Dominion tested the Federation as never before, but that's as far as it goes. The Dominion lost the war. As a result, they were asked to give up any territory taken during the conflict with the Federation. That's not a victory in any way, shape, or form. The combatants of a war don't receive ribbons at its conclusion merely because they participated in it.
My point in making this statement was that it's a mistake to claim that the Dominion achieved a victory of any kind simply because they proved to be a challenging foe for the Federation- something that AllStarEntprise mistakenly argued in an earlier post. Once again, I said nothing of either government's military prowess or relative fleet strengths and weaknesses. Your inference that I have is off the mark.

Edit_XYZ wrote:
All about the relative power of the federation/dominion. Little about AllStarEntpris's post building.
I've already made my point, but I'll say it again for clarity's sake: you're wrong. I suggest you take the time to carefully read and understand my points before responding to them. If that's proving to be too difficult a task, then move on.

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