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I've read that fans of the book don't really like the movie, while it had an appeal to mainstream movie goers. Maybe that affected the box office.
I don't know much about it but does WWZ actually have enough fans to make a real difference in the box office? Positive or negative.
I don't know much either, but according to Publishers Weekly, the WWZ book sold over one million copies, as of 2011. His previous book about zombies sold 1.4 million. I guess that's still a lot these days. Good enough to rate a movie, obviously.

The other thing is, I think the movie is actually doing better than expected. The Hollywood Reporter says they'll likely be a sequel. Link to story, below.
Well, to be fair, the book is an anthology of short stories which are loosely connected by the thread of the zombie apocalypse. Such a structure would never work for a tentpole summer blockbuster. That being said, WWZ the movie did bear little resemblance to the world or fictional events portrayed in the book. It was a decent movie in its own right, though. I really liked the 'solution' to the zombie threat. It felt fresh and new, which is an achievement for the zombie genre.
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