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Re: Futurama Season 7 Discussion Thread

"The Inhuman Torch" is easily the best episode of this broadcast season and possibly the best episode of the production season. I really enjoyed watching the Planet Express crew become a firefighting team, an idea that might sound hokey on paper but for whatever reason worked out really well in execution, from the red-painted Planet Express ship (which looked rather well) to Nibbler being painted to look like a dalmatian.

However, the heart of the episode was the Bender/Fry friendship as seen from Bender's perspective. I loved how everyone (including the viewer) is so easily convinced that Bender was responsible for all of the sudden fires because, guess what, it makes sense. It's exactly the kind of thing Bender would do for all of the reasons stated. And, of course, Fry is the one exception, until he sees the evidence that he's actually right, naturally.

Lots of great jokes and felt like a one of the early season episodes, although I couldn't help but I wish Amy, Zoidberg and Hermes had more to do.
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