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Re: Federation vs The Dominiom: The Rematch.

Not exactly, a truly automated ship would not need areas like crew quarters, mess halls, bathrooms, sick bays, corridors, turbo lifts, storage for crew supplies, holodecks, etc.
And removing those from the big Prometheus drones only serves to narrow down the forward arrowhead a little. The thing is already as barebones as barebones can be - almost two-dimensional save for the engine nacelles!

Why design and build a ship that splits in three tactical components when it would probably be far cheaper to build three ships?
One possibility: because you need combat drones, which by definition have to have large engines and heavy weapons, and you need a crewed control center, which doesn't need either of those but does need to tag along - right until combat is joined. It makes sense, then, to use the drones as "carriers" for the control unit.

I'm not familiar with the term "combat credible engine". What is that?
It is an engine capable of moving a set of weapons fast enough to catch a starship. I.e. it is a starship engine. Those don't come at the size of a walnut in the 24th century yet. But if they did, obviously the E-D would have them.

Would this mean that automated defensive satellites have no place in battle since they probably have no significant means of propulsion?
Hardly. But such "drones" would only cover an extremely narrow area of warfare; in order to cover any appreciable part of it, you need automated starships, not sessile guns.

Try to imagine a runabout without the need for all the area given to the crew (saving about 70-80% of space). It seems to have a capable array of weaponry.
No, it does not. Captain Keogh was right to dismiss it as fit only to fight glorified shuttlecraft - it has never stood any chance against capital ships, as nicely evidenced e.g. by "Armageddon Game". It has never even stood a chance against the smallest Jem'Hadar ships, apart from "Treachery, Faith and the Great River" where the first of the titular buzzwords was key to victory.

So that is completely inaccurate. I'm going to assume you either had bad information or misstated what you actually meant to say.
Nope. Neither the Reaper nor the Gray Eagle has any place in this comparison, as they are not combat drones - all they can do is assassinate helpless victims.

A combat drone, capable of fighting at least its peers (and by your criteria, its biggers), starts out at the size range of X-47. That's a hugely complex machine, only theoretically capable of combat even at its projected operational best, and vastly more expensive to operate than a F-16 category crewed combat aircraft.

You don't get a combat drone by installing a toy aircraft engine or an automobile powerplant. You need a turbojet of credible size. And the Reaper has none, and cannot do combat.

Current drones don't have to be the same size or larger than manned aircraft.
Well, of course not, if they are intended to be incapable of combat. Which is the design goal of all the currently operational flying drones - they are either pure eyes-in-the-sky or delivery platforms for weapons capable of hurting only the softest of targets, with the theoretical ability to hit a moving target now very gradually translating into operational reality. Hell, a Reaper can't even actually shoot down a Reaper despite its ability to carry light fire-and-forget AAMs.

The Dominion lost the war. As a result, they were asked to give up any territory taken during the conflict with the Federation.
That's pure conjecture - we never heard of any sort of territorial agreements. Or of disarmament or withdrawal or anything like that.

That "the Dominion" lost is already ample proof that the Dominion would win all other wars hands down. After all, it only barely lost this one without hands, feet, head or half the torso! You aren't entitled to misusing the concept of "the Dominion" as applying to a tiny beachhead force when the point of the discussion is a rematch between the actual Dominion and the Federation (and hopefully a few allies on the UFP side again).

Timo Saloniemi
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