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Re: Vorik the Ponfarr Vulcan

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I have always liked Vorik, particularly in his conversation with Neelix in the episode "Fair Trade".

NEELIX: Good evening, Ensign.
VORIK: Mister Neelix.
NEELIX: I thought I'd log a little time in the Jefferies tubes, if that's all right.
VORIK: I was unaware you were officially on an engineering work detail.
NEELIX: Oh, it's not official, not at all, but Lieutenant Torres has been good enough to allow me to poke around here and there. As time permits of course.
VORIK: She has mentioned your desire to become familiar with Starfleet engineering protocols. I see no reason why you can't proceed.
NEELIX: Thank you. Ensign Vorik?
VORIK: Yes, Mister Neelix?
NEELIX: You're quite young. Is it difficult for you being so far away from everything that's familiar?
VORIK: Had I been given the choice, I might not have chosen to explore the Delta Quadrant. However, since we are here, I must say the challenges are intriguing.
NEELIX: Voyager is a wonderful place to be. People here are very fortunate.
VORIK: I would concur.
He seemed quite patient and empathetic with Neelix, characteristics which many Vulcans tend not to have. Perhaps it's his lack of terseness which is the source of a lot of the criticism of Vorik (I'm ignorant of what the criticisms may be).
Hmm. That very well could be, actually.

We are used to seeing Vulcans as distant and stand offish. When presented with a more compassionate, or "human" alternative, we can get thrown off and confused.

Vorik is an interesting character, worthy of more in depth study, I would think.

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