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Re: NFL 2013 Off-Season Discussion

B) not really. Yeah, very low cap hit, but also very low actual salary. Was a 7th round pick, pretty much playing for minimum, not hurting you. Not like he makes 10 million and you can avoid the cap hit by cutting him. It's mice nuts either way. And as you have several years left on that deal, and whatever punishment happens (if much of any at all) will surely be less than that, AND it wasn't like it was a violent crime, kinda short-sighted to cut him immediately.

Not to say it might not happen, just would be a rash move until we see how it shakes out. Hernandez was involved in a MURDER, which is why he was cut immediately. DWI is not exactly the same level. You'd look pretty retarded cutting him immediately if all he ends up with is having to do his (already sentenced) 30 days immediately, or more community service, whatever.

Executives and players aren't exactly an apples to apple comparison either, not a great comparison...
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