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Re: DS9 Caption Contest 78; Blind Faith

SISKO: So this is your 'Spacebook page'?
JAKE: Yeah
SISKO: So what's it for?
JAKE: I dunno, talking to people, playing games, everything
SISKO: Huh... so what does LOL mean again?

QUARK: What are you arresting me for this time?
ODO: It was all a case of mistaken identity. You're free to go.
QUARK: Because I have a legitimate alibi and I- Wait, what?
ODO: It wasn't you; you can go.
QUARK: You're kidding, right?

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KIRA: I can't believe this Terran 20th century retro phase has lasted twelve years.
ODO: I know, it's like all humans ever refer to is popular entertainment from between 1950 and 1990. It's getting kind of annoying.
KIRA: I like their 22nd century entertainment a lot better but you never hear about it.
ODO: Why not?
KIRA: Well.... I guess most of it couldn't strictly be classed as 'legal'...

QUARK:... Does this belong to you?
BEAKNOSE:... Maaaaaybeeeeee......
(*Awkward silence*)
BEAKNOSE: Do you get moths on this station? 'Coz if you do you're gonna have a hell of a big problem

O'BRIEN: Just keep smiling; he can smell fear
Boldly going... nowhere in particular
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