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Frontier/Colony Show

I think any Trek show on TV coming after a hiatus would need to be set on a ship in order to work for the big wigs at the studios who equate Star Trek with space ships. That's my hunch anyway. So I'm not suggesting this as an idea that has any real potential for being developed any time soon. But I do think it would make an interesting show.

Deep Space Nine was originally going to be set on a colony and basically be an old western on a colony during the time of Star Trek with Starfleet characters, etc. From

Executive Producer/Co-Creator Michael Piller said that when coming up for an idea for the series concept of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, there were initially three ideas toted around: Another starship adventure, a space station concept, and a remote frontier colony. The frontier colony idea was briefly considered, with the idea that since Star Trek was compared to Captain Horatio Hornblower R.N. in outer space, the new series would be compared to Gunsmoke, but on a remote planet. The frontier colony idea was eventually dropped since it would've required a lot of on-location shooting, and the space station idea was ultimately developed instead.
While that premise sounds boring to me, I do think they could really make something cool that takes place on a remote planet. A Federation starship crash lands with no way of sending a signal for help for some reason. There is a mystery about the planet and the species/aliens on the planet that proves dangerous/deadly and unravels as the series progresses. Perhaps Section 31 is aware of the crash and is observing the crew on the planet for some reason and also keeping communication from getting back to Starfleet. Something with the same sort of storytelling as Lost or The Event. Anyway, I think that would be awesome and I would watch!
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